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Фиброгастроскоп olympus gif-q180

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Superb imaging performance - a high-resolution CCD
A high-resolution CCD chip incorporated in the distal end of the SIF-Q180 provides high quality images for accurate observation. Combining this scope with the latest EVIS EXERA III system puts the power of NBI observation at your fingertips.

Wide 2.8 mm diameter channel and 9.2 mm outer diameter
To improve manoeuvrability at insertion, the SIF-Q180 features a distal end diameter of just 9.2 mm. In addition, an instrument channel diameter of 2.8 mm has been reserved to meet a wide range of treatment requirements.

Short distal end rigid section, small-bending angulation
By making both the distal end rigid section and bending section length shorter than conventional enteroscopes, the SIF-Q180 can make smaller turns in the small intestine, supporting smoother insertion.

Compatible with conventional cleaning methods
The single balloon enteroscope system incorporates a balloon on the overtube only. This means there is no need for a balloon-dedicated air channel in the scope itself, so it can be cleaned in the same way as conventional scopes.

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