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Лифтинг на делика

Категория: Зарядка | Автор: MadClikr | Дата: 08.12.2015, 02:24 | Комментари: 2 |

Generation: MK4 (1994-2007) Badge: Exceed


I've had my Exceed 2.8TD for 5 years now and can't complain, good all rounder apart from already stated. Parts are not an issue (or expensive) if you know where to look and what equivalent manufacturer codes are. Def nothing in OZ to match it for a big family like mine (6) and the price. If I had the money would consider an i-Max as the replacement as I don't go off-road enough.

+ Kids can't kick you in the back from behind, lots of room, dual A/C, 4M40 engines rock!

- Underpowered, soft ride, fuel consumption, getting parts, can't reach the kids to give them a slap when messing about at the back.

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